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The Week's Best Facebook Posts

A few of my favorite facebook posts from this last week...posts from fb friends that made me smile or laugh.

Tina's "gems" about the stuff her boys say always make me smile:

Enjoyed hanging with Marty & Jeremy a bit yesterday for Marty's birthday:

The comment exchange between Michael and I after my initial post cracks me up:


Odds & Sods

What's it like to be a coffeeshop in a small city? It's alternately wonderful & crappy. I'll be delving into that query in a series of posts in the weeks to come.

We've got a couple of great events coming up next weekend. The first, on Saturday, May 1st, is the return of West of East, the duo of Tim Suchoki and Sara Moilanen. Tim and Sara have performed with us three or four times now.  Their music features female vocals that mix the subtle velvety style of Norah Jones with the power of Neko Case backed by acoustic guitars and highlighted with a "Countrified-Folk" style of electric guitar. They released a gorgeous CD, "Love in the Twilight Zone," late last year. Whenever we play it in the shop we invariably get questions asking who it is and comments about how good it is.

Tim and Sara are coming up from Milwaukee with the show starting at 7:00pm. Come on down and have a beer or latte with us, support the continuation of good live music in town, and enjoy an hour or two of good weekend vibes.


Then, on Sunday, May 2nd, we have a very special event planned at around 4:00. We're normally closed by 1:00 on Sundays so you know this must be good if we're going to come back to open at 4:00 for this. From 2:00 to 3:30 at the Two Rivers Community House Patrick DeWayne will be presenting his one-man show, The Mushroom Picker, which is a beautiful and moving presentation about his grandfather's life during WWII.

Please check out the website link above to get an idea of what a special event this is. And make sure to watch the short film on the site. We'll be closing at our usual 1:00 to go over to the Community House to see Patrick's play. Then at 4:00 Patrick and anyone else who wants to join us will come back to Stumpjack for a post-show discussion. This is an performance that, by all accounts, you would definitely be glad you saw. It's open and free to the public.

Here are but a couple reviews:



A much appreciated cigar hits the spot.

I had a great cigar the other day while driving up to Green Bay. My friend Bill Granger stopped by for coffee and chat and gifted me two excellent smokes, one being the Indian Tabac Maduro pictured here. Sometimes a good cigar tastes even better, because other variables line up to make the context of the experience more enjoyable. This was one of those times.

Because I'd been so busy with work-related stuff I hadn't taken the time to enjoy a cigar for a couple weeks. The day Kim and I drove up to Green Bay was exceptionally nice, with warm, shirt sleeve weather and a bright blue sky. The fact that this cigar was a gift from a friend I hadn't seen for a couple months also figured in. And this was just a darn tasty cigar.

From the very first puff it was delicious, with loads of aromatic spiciness, nuttiness and warm sweetness. It was smooth from start to finish with nary a harsh note, which pleasantly surprised me, as some reviews of the Indian Tabac had me expecting a bit of unwelcome bitter heat as I neared the head.

You'll notice near the bottom of the left sidebar a link for If you're a cigar afficionado or budding afficionado please check them out. They've got a good selection and provide some great information on the site if you want to learn about cigars. I'll also be adding a section to this site that will be devoted to cigars.