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Cool stuff this last week

* Our friend and contact in England, Paul Fox, was in Málaga, Spain this past week with his lovely wife, Talane. Málaga is one of the oldest cities in the world (2,700 years); birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas; candidate for 2016 European Capital of made even more famous by virtue of a Stumpjack t-shirt clad Paul Fox gracing their beach with his Mr. Universe physique.

 * We are taking the first steps toward making our Blues Fest idea a reality. We're looking at a date in mid-August. Bobbi Schuetze, Doug Day and I have done a bit of preliminary planning and if all goes well we might have a fantastic line-up of Blues musicians and a day of awesome summer fun on the lakeshore for everyone.

* Our friend and artist, Dean Konop, created this funky penguin and gifted him to us. This is just the coolest. Dean knows I love fez's and this little guy sports a great red fez. I'm catching myself smiling as I write this, looking at my new bulbous little friend holding a coffee mug in his flipper. He'll be on the shelf behind the counter...check him out when you come in. Thanks, Dean!

* Every Friday (until further notice) is Free Espresso Friday. Come in sometime from 9-2 and then from 5-9 for a free double shot (in-house & in a demitasse only). Fridays & Saturdays we close from 2-5.

* Last Sunday, May 3rd, Patrick DeWayne gave his performance of "The Mushroom Picker" to, by my estimate, around 300 people at the Two Rivers Community House. It was a wonderful tale and performance about Pat's Grandfather and his experiences during WWII. Pat's Grandpa was a Lieutenant Colonel and a genuine war hero. As Pat narrated and performed the various characters in the story (his Grandpa and Grandma, generals, german soldiers, etc) he sparked plenty of laughter, tears, emotion and appreciation in the crowd for what men like Pat's Grandfather sacrificed during that war.

After the performance Pat and a number of audience members' gathered at Stumpjack to chat with Pat and share stories of their own family members experiences during WWII.

                                                      Myself & Pat.


Lifestyle websites I like this week

I've come across several great sites and articles in the last few days. Allow me to share them, along with a couple of old favorites, with you:


Good site for articles on everything from debt management and entrepreneurship to living green and getting organized.

Heavy Table interview with Michael Perry

A fun and brief interview with one of our favorite authors, Michael Perry (Population 485; Coop). Dig more of Michael's easy going life conversation on his Sneezing Cow blog.

Growing Power Inc.

"Inspiring communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, creating a just world, one food-secure community at a time." Got to this site via the Time Magazine "2010 Time 100" which I got via this Milwaukee JSOnline article on Will Allen.

Hay River Pumpkin Seed Oil

Not the greatest website around, but what a great, fun product.

The Daily Green

All things green living related. Occasionally a little preachy, tree hugger type stuff but lots of common sense articles too.

Yards to Gardens

Yards to Gardens grew out of a realization of the tremendous potential in the vast amounts of space that we use for growing grass. Take a walk or bike through the neighborhoods around you. Imagine what these spaces would look and feel like if, instead of grass lining the sidewalks and blanketing yard after yard, there were a colorful patchwork of flowers and food bearing plants covering the urban landscape. Now imagine that each of these spaces is a collaboration, a cooperative arrangement between land owners and gardeners to create food, color, and a stronger fiber within the community.

Made in Spain

Maybe the best cooking/travel show on the air. Unfortunately, Hulu only has season one available at this time. I simply love Jose Andres' passion and the joy with which he does everything. His recipes are also amazingly simple and oh-so delicious.


West of East follow-up

Follow-up to last night's show: We had a heckuva nice time last night with Sara & Tim (West of East). Had 25-30 people in the Stump, a number who had not seen the band before. The music was great, got a chance to kibitz with friends, beer glasses got smashed (Ha! Thanks for the 6-pack this morning, Brian!), Tim & Sara's tip jar was happy (thanks everyone for supporting good, local live music).

In addition to a handful of compliments on the band as I chatted with people last night, also got a Facebook message from our friend Pat Sheehan right away this morning: "West of East was pretty sweet sounding, David. Really enjoyed the singer, had heart. Good times, good times."

Brian Powell took a ton of pics and some video last night. Here's the link to his Flickr set.

The May 1st Reminder: Tonight West of East will bring their oh-so-fine brand of music to Stumpjack...perfect for a cool spring evening in downtown Two Rivers.

"West of East is a duo whose music features vocals that mix the subtle, velvety style of Norah Jones with the power of Neko Case. Their songs pair intelligently crafted lyrics with acoustic guitars and are highlighted by a "Countrified-Folk" style of gritty electric guitar."

7:00pm tonight. We'll also have a drawing for an autographed copy of their latest CD release, Love in the Twilight Zone.