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Beer for strong bones

As if we really need another reason to like beer, here's another article reporting the health benefits of beer. This time it's for the silicon, which contributes to bone health. I want to be a test subject in these studies. Click here for the article.
I'd advise staying away from crappy mass-market corporate beer and go with a good craft or microbrewed beer. We may as well drink good beer while improving our health.


Schlitz...go for the gusto?

Beer Review
While grocery shopping at the Piggly Wiggy yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find near the back, center of the store a display of Schlitz beer. I have known about the
reintroduction of Schlitz and their "Classic 1960s Formula" for several months now and have been waiting for it to find its way into our area (why in the world "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous" wasn't immediately made available throughout Wisconsin is a mystery).

"It's ok...I saved the Schlitz!"
What a great advert from the 50s. How many couples go canoeing wearing their Sunday best? And the guy looks like he may have had a few before capsizing the canoe

I love the Schlitz marketing imagery, absolutely love it. Love what they've done with the Schlitz website to make accessible those vintage print and television commercials. Love the new commercials that embrace that vintage feel and buck the modern style of associating beer with big-boobed bimbos and partying on rooftops. Love the retro vibe that is associated with beers like Schlitz. Even love the Schlitz color scheme and the ornate, vintage font that says Schlitz on the bottles. Love everything about this product.

...well, almost everything.

I knew Schlitz was not an upper echelon beer like the craft and microbrewed beers I prefer. I knew it was a beer along the lines of your average watered down, flavorless, mass market, big brewery beers. I didn't however, expect it to be as bad as it is. I took the picture of the beer in this post immediately after pouring. That fizzy little head of foam lasted approximately 90 seconds. Any other fizziness (carbonation) that might have come from the beer underneath that fleeting head lasted even less than that. Within two minutes I had a glass of flat, yellowish tea that looked like it had been sitting undisturbed all afternoon. Worse than that was the flavor. Flat, uninteresting, a tad mediciney, and not unlike the tepid water that canned corn soaks in before you eat it. This was truly a boring, uninspired and almost flavorless beer (and what flavor it did have was not pleasing). I thought, "this is the beer that made Milwaukee famous?" Good grief. The 60-second head tops an equally uninspiring beer-like liquid. Cool bottlecap though!

Well, it's lousy beer. But, man, I do love the way they're marketing it. I'll probably drink one of these every now and then simply because I am such a huge sucker for great marketing and imagery (or maybe I'll pour the Schlitz out and refill the bottle with something drinkable, like a Leinies). The folks in the Schlitz PR department ought to all get raises and a free case of beer each week as a bonus...but not Schlitz beer. The idea is to reward them, after all.


Beers in the house

Marty with a Fiddler's Elbow from the Wychwood Brewery
We've been asked a few times why we don't regularly provide a beer list of the brews we have in the cooler. The main reason is because we rarely keep the same beers in stock. We mix it up pretty regularly, bringing new beers in and not reordering others. There's really no method to the madness, and we do it this way for no other reason than because we enjoy trying new beers (and there's only so much room in the case). One thing you can usually be sure of, you'll find a fairly eclectic mix of beer when you visit...and most of them will be brands that you won't normally find in most other pubs or coffee shops.

There are, however, a few that I make a point of trying to keep in stock, just because they are on my favorites list so consistently (and I'm being entirely selfish here, because if I personally don't like the beer it won't be back).

Having just said all that, I did take a little time yesterday to put together a list for the beers we had delivered to the shop this week. Here's part of what's in the case at the moment (images only, not adding the text for each beer):


Thursday Night's Tasting: Beer & Sausage

You need to let us know (call or email) ahead of time if you want to join the fun.

Beer and Sausage Tasting

(several craft beers matched with
salami, sausage, cured meat)

Thursday, Nov. 13th

Members: $15.00
Nonmembers: $20.00
Please call 553-5282 to register or email


Images from a few days ago

Click the links below to be routed to the Flickr photo sets:

I really like this dark and atmospheric image of JoAnn...her smile, the neon, the little blue lights over her right shoulder.

Terry with a lovely creamy stout...mmmm....

I must be in a "dark" frame of mind...this one of Derek bookends JoAnn above.